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KiBiZ Day-Care Centres


Children have lots of room to play and discover things both in and outside in our nine day-care centres in Zug and Baar. Parents say «I’d like to be a child here» when they visit us.


KiBiZ Day-care

Focus on the Child

Our care team puts its focus on the child. Each child is allowed to develop individually according to its own needs. To this end it is carefully supported and encouraged. The KiBiZ day-care centre pedagogic concept is based on 3 pillars:


  • Care: Looking after and positively reinforcing the children.
  • Educating: Encouraging individual learning and development processes.
  • Rearing: Conscious management of the interaction between the child and its environment.

Zug and Baar

Day-Care Centres


The nine KiBiZ day-care centres Eichwald, Frauensteinmatt, Fuchsloch, Hofmatt, Guthirt and Stampfi in Zug and Chriesimatt in Baar offer children lots of room to play, to discover, to make friends and to linger. Either inside in child-oriented rooms or outside in a green environment. 


KiBiZ Day-care Centres

A world for little people

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Further information

In German you will find here further information about:

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Age: As from 3 months up to and including Kindergarten

Scope of Care: 2 to 5 full days per week

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 7.00 until 18.30

Holidays: 2 weeks in summer, Christmas/New Year

Documents in english

The language of our daycare centres is German. However, since we take care of children with many nationalities we have arranged for the most important documents also to be available in English. The latest German version is valid.