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Management Team

Helping children to discover the world: The pedagogically trained Heads of the KiBiZ day-care centres bear the respective operative responsibility for the Eichwald, Frauensteinmatt, Fuchsloch, Hofmatt, Guthirt, Stampfi and Chriesimatt day-care centres, jointly with the Director of Care Services.


Qualified with pedagogical training

All KiBiZ day-care directors have a foundation course in education and a further qualification in education and management. Moreover they have long standing experience, practice and know-how.


Karin Geissmann
Director of Care Services
T +41 41 712 33 23, E-Mail

Eveline Odermatt
Day-care director KiBiZ Eichwald
T +41 41 740 59 35, E-Mail

Alexandra Franco
Day-care director Frauensteinmatt + KiBiZ
Fuchsloch, T +41 41 500 50 74, E-Mail

Bea Glanzmann
Day-care director KiBiZ Guthirt
T +41 41 710 65 71, E-Mail

Barbara Bielser
Day-care director KiBiZ Hofmatt
T +41 41 711 83 80, E-Mail

Daniela Bär
Day-care director KiBiZ Stampfi
T +41 41 712 06 53, E-Mail

Patrizia Bürgi
Day-care director KiBiZ Chriesimatt
T +41 41 760 03 60, E-Mail

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