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KiBiZ Kinderbetreuung Zug

KiBiZ Kita Stampfi

Manager KiBiZ Kita Stampfi: Daniela Bär

General Guisanstrasse 26 and Nordstrasse 9 (Schmetterlingshaus), 
6300 Zug, T +41 41 712 06 53, E-Mail


In the lively Herti area with lots of green spaces

Large and light-filled rooms at General Guisanstrasse 26 and at Nordstrasse 9 (Schmetterlingshaus) with lots of space to play, to make things, to move around, to rest, to eat and to sleep in. A handicraft room and a painting room. All centers with protected playgrounds.


Number of places

68 Places, of which 12 are for babies

1 group for very small children and four mixed-age groups



Our services are geared to both the well-being and interests of the individual child and the needs of the whole group. As a member of the «» project, we follow the Infans-Concept and focus on early-childhood development. We also place great emphasis on social learning.


The children have a regular group. Whilst babies spend the whole day in their regular group, the older children are free to move between the different educational play possiblities as they wish. The different possibilities are geared to the current interest of the children; they are balanced and take into account the differing needs of the children to move, to experiment, to make things, to get to know and deal with language, numbers, letters, art, music and technology, to become immersed in play, to explore, to express themselves via colour, role-play, dance and song, to experience things both in the group and outside in nature.


Once a week we go to the nearby gyms to do physical education. We have our own toy library, and offer a variety of activities such as sing-song hour, vegetable garden day, recycling as a joint activity, baking together, and afternoons in the woods. The local playgrounds, including a Robinson playground, farms, Lake Zug and the Zugerberg offer great excursion destinations.

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