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KiBiZ Kita Chriesimatt

Manager KiBiZ Kita Chriesimatt: Corinne Schneider

Chriesimatt 34, 6340 Baar
T +41 41 760 03 60, E-Mail



In the heart of the family friendly neighbourhood Chriesimatt

Very large, modern, versatile and light-filled rooms with place to play, make things, experiment and discover. A protected garden to play in, be active in and to while away time. 


Number of Places

25 places, of which 4 are for babies



Our day-care offer is geared to the child’s welfare and interest as well as the needs of all children in the group. Our goal is to offer care according to the Infans-concept with its emphasis on early child education and are to this end participating in the «Network Educational Day-care Centres» project. We also emphasise social competence.


The children are at home in one of the two core groups, where they spend their day in the centre. On account of our emphasis on early child education we are beginning to open up these groups. This means that the children are allowed to move into a learning group of their choice during the day. These learning groups are geared to the current interests of the children. They are balanced and take the differing requirements of the children for movement, experimentation, creativity, learning about language, figures, letters, art, music and technology together with a concentrated involvement in games, a desire to discover, expressing themselves in colour, in role-playing, dance and song as well as group experiences and learning about nature.


Short expeditions to the nearby meadows, the woods and the path along the Lorze river are undertaken due to their close proximity to the centre.

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