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Fees KiBiZ Day-Care Zug

KiBiZ Day-Care Centres in Zug and Baar offer over 270 places. As a non-profit organisation we are deeply committed to ensuring that extra-familial childcare in the City and Canton of Zug is both available and affordable.

Fee Sheet 2022

Fee Sheet 2023

Fee Regulations


The monthly invoice is to be paid in advance and is due at the latest on the first day of the month of care.


Childcare Vouchers

Parents/legal guardians resident in the City of Zug as well as of the municialities of Baar, Cham and Steinhausen may be eligible for childcare vouchers for day-care. Childcare vouchers are contributions from the municipalities to parents and legal Guardians who have enrolled their child in a daycare centre and who are eligible for benefits. With this financial support, the municipalities carry part of the costs for childcare at day care. Consequently, parents will pay less. The voucher amount depends on financial situation of the parents. More Information can be found on the Websites of the municipalities: 

City of Zug

> Municipality of Baar

> Municipality of Cham

> Municipalitiy of Steinhausen

> Municipality of Walchwil: Parents may obtain informations regarding subsidised places at KiBiZ


The confirmed subsidies amount will generally be paid in advance each time for the following month.  


Documents in english

The language of our daycare centres is German. However, since we take care of children with many nationalities we have arranged for the most important documents also to be available in English. The latest German version is valid.

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Daycare Regulations

Daycare Fee Sheet 2022

Daycare Fee Sheet 2023

Daycare Fee Regulations

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