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KiBiZ Kinderbetreuung Zug

At home with a KiBiZ Childminder

KiBiZ Kinderbetreuung Zug manages the childminding services for the Zuger municipalities.


KiBiZ childminders care for children in a family environment. Together with playmates and the childminder children find protection and reliability. The advantages for parents are many-fold: Near to their home they find in a KiBiZ childminder an individual and flexible solution for day-care for their child (from baby to school-child).


KiBiZ Childminding: a solution for you too?

Individual childminding care, specially suited to your needs, is possible with a KiBiZ childminder: whether care on an hourly basis, for certain weekdays or outside of kindergarten and school hours. Irregular childminding times or evening care are also both possible.


Qualified for a demanding task

KiBiZ childminders open their home for small children and those of school age. They have enough space and time to do this. KiBiZ childminders enjoy being with children and deal with them with understanding, patiently and tolerantly. KiBiZ childminders are carefully selected and prepared for their demanding job. They undergo a basic course and regularly participate in further training courses.


Documents in english

The language of our childminders is German. However, since we take care of children with many nationalities we have arranged for the most important documents also to be available in English. The latest German version is valid.

KiBiZ Childminder

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Pedagogic Concept

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Further Information

You will find here further information about:

Contact Addresses (in German)
Childminding Regulations

Childminding Fee Sheet 2022

Childminding Fee Regulations 


Childminder Infos

Age: As from 3 months up to 12 years of age

Type of care: individualised and also irregular, from early morning or evening

Scope of care: At least 5 hours per week