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KiBiZ Day-Care

> Brochure

Day-care Regulations

Fee Regulations

Fee Sheet KiBiZ Day-Care 2021

> Subsidies Calculator KiBiZ Day-Care Zug for Walchwil residents (in German) 

Sample Day-care Contract

> Registration (in German)


KiBiZ Childminders

> Brochure

Childminding Regulations

> Fee Regulations (in German)

Fee Sheet 2021

> Subsidies Calculator 2021 (in German)

> Sample Childminders Contract

Registration (in German)

Documents in english

The language of our daycare centres is German. However, since we take care of children with many nationalities we have arranged for the most important documents also to be available in English. The latest German version is valid.

Further Downloads

In German you will find here further downloads:

KiBiZ Association

KiBiZ Day-care

KiBiZ Childminders